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PoE – Power over Ethernet

Low price + Simple to install

What is PoE ?

Power over Ethernet is a technology which enables to connect network devices through ethernet cable. Therefore it is not necessary to use two individual lines/1x data, 1x power supply/ for assurance of data conectivity and supplying. One Ethernet line is sufficient. This technology is applicable for wide range of network products such as Access Points, Routers, IP cameras, modems, switches, embedded computers or other network products.

Standart Power over Ethernet is defined by standard IEEE 802.3af, (at the same time it is defined by new prepared standard IEEE 802.3at). Power over Ethernet products using these standards contain of two individual active pieces /injector and splitter/. Each active piece includes an electrical circuit which ensures the function of this solution. There is guaranteed selected supply to 100 m / 328 ft at these standards.


Our technology Passive Power over Ethernet, in comparison with IEEE 802.3af uses no active electronic components for transmission. It is a simple way of connecting the cables in order to transfer the data and power supply along the same ethernet cable at the same time. Ehternet cable contains 8 cables. 4 cables (1,2,3,6) are used for data transmission and the rest (4,5,7,8) is used for supplying. Passive PoE™ `s range is from 30-40 metres / 100-130 ft. According to the latest statistics 90% of installations using Power over Ethernet do not exceed the distance of 20 - 30 meters / 65-100 ft. Therefore Passive Power over Ethernet is advantageous and sufficient option in comparison with expensive Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af).


There arise losses of voltage by power supplying along the pairs of ethernet cables. This is the reason of the lower voltage at the far end than we connected at the lower part of Passive Power over Ethernet.It is possible to use more efficient power supply for achieving the longer distance and eliminating the loss of voltage. Consequently, the final volatge will be sufficient in order to enable correct working of device supplying by Passive PoE™. We recommend to use ethernet cable - wire instead of the cord when using Passive Power over Ethernet.


Power over Ethernet technology is also named as Passive Power over Ethernet, Passive PoE™ , Passive Power over LAN. All of these terms are used for the same technology. Before connecting a non-original Passive Power over Ethernet check the connection of the cables always and compare it to the original Passive PoE™ by RF Elements which is presented on this web page.


The original Passive Power over Ethernet has been supplied by RF Elements since 2006. It has the RF Elements logo molded directly on the product.


We are warning you to avoid the usage of non-original Passive Power over Ethernet produced by noname manufacturers (mainly from China) which can damage your device.

The original Passive PoE™ products by RF Elements pass the quality check-out before the expedition. Always require only the original Passive PoE™ with RF Elements logo from your supplier .

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